Vision & Objectives

To be the leading authority and driving force of best practices in enterprise risk management.
To develop and promote sound enterprise risk management knowledge and best practices among practitioners
Aims and Objectives
Our aims and objectives include:
1.) To be an agent of positive change in the society by engaging stakeholders in all industries and sectors who incur risks in their day to day activities, and educate them on the knowledge, skills and capability in managing and handling the risks they take.

2.) To provide avenue for sharing information on best practices in Enterprise Risk Management

3.) To enhance knowledge sharing and dissemination of information on management of material risks affecting enterprises at all levels, including Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

4.) To set professional standards in enterprise risk management practice, and thereby promote professionalism among members and practitioners

5.) To organise programs, workshops, seminars, lectures etc for the purpose of cascading enterprises management skills and knowledge to industries, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and sectors.

6.) To regularly liaise and collaborate with government, its agencies and regulatory bodies for policy formulation relating to enterprise risk management practice.

7.) To work with other similar professional bodies in advancing the mission of the association and enterprise risk management generally.

8.) To issue publications, newsletters, journals, magazines etc for the purpose of making research findings available to members to update their knowledge on risk identification, measurement and management.

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